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Conversion of an early points ignition R75/6 to a Red Centre electronic system with electronic advance control. Part 2 of 3

September 9, 2016

 Lets start with the picture on the left. This is (apart from the coils ..2 x 6 volt and in series originally and the spark plugs both of which remain after the swap) is the entire switching set up for points ignition. Simple, durable, reliable (with in reason so long as they are maintained). The thing on the far right of the first picture is the points cam from a /6. It has two flats or cam lobes on it and sits on the end of the cam shaft. It opens the points twice in a 360 degree revolution and causes both plugs to spark each time. Which spark plug fires a charge of fuel and air is each time is controlled by the valve timing (through the camshaft). The camshaft rotates at twice the speed of the crank and is driven by a chain from the crankshaft. The thing that makes the real difference to the ride ability of a bike fitted with a Red Centre (or in other countries known by different names but made by Emerald Isle and sold all over the world)  is the elimination of the advance bob weights (which form the "T" on the points cam in the picture. The same set up is fitted in the bottom of the can in points in a can ignition or the later electronic set up. With the youngest Airhead now 20 years old and my /6  42years old these parts are worn and often suffering from lack of far as I know this one from my / 6 is original. as the springs and pivots wear, the weights deploy erratically and sometimes too soon or conversely stick either shut or open. As you can see from the picture on the left there is little "stuff" involved in switching early points ignition. I've placed my set up in a water proof bag with plenty of protective lanoline spray and will carry them as an emergency repair kit. All the original wiring is still in place so it is easy to switch back in event of a failure (unlikely).


The picture on the right is the "unpack" of the replacement unit. I am attaching three video clips to explain the whole idea better and for part three of this blog, I am borrowing a GO Pro set up to let you all come for a ride with me on my /6 fitted with the new ignition system.









 These are three seperate videos I made to try to explain the system and my reasons for changing my own bike to one of these. I would reccomend the Red Centre set up (or any other brand name of the same set up from Emerald Isle) over any other I've seen and or used.


I will post a video of the bike on the road shortly.



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